Mesmerized by a unique melodic sound unlike anything he had ever heard before, Teddy Amkie, a native of Los Angeles, California, rigorously searched to find the elusive handpan, Hang drum, or Hanghang, its name, a mystery unto itself. During a challenging period in his life, Teddy Amkie became captivated by the harmonious sound of the distinctive instrument being played by musician Manu Delago in a piece called Hang Drum Solo on Youtube.

Immediately after viewing this powerful performance, Teddy began seeking the source of this musical instrument to no avail. After three years of staying on waiting lists, writing handwritten letters to PANArt, and reaching out to all makers, Teddy discovered it was impossible to obtain the instrument in any form from private vendors or online sources.

Fortunately, Teddy Amkie’s father, Elias Amkie, bolstered by thirty years of manufacturing and sourcing experience, knew that there is always a way to get something you really want. So, after conducting intensive research, the dedicated pair found one handpan on Ebay, listed at an astonishing $6k; however, before they could even consider purchasing it, the instrument was sold. After discovering the limitations of the market, the two arrived at an ambitious conclusion: The Amkie’s were going to build handpans of their own.

One of the original distributors of PANArt, Bruce Copley, a friend of Elias’, was interested in obtaining the instrument for his friends. Having worked with a tuner since 2003 on the original Hangs, Bruce listened intently to Elias’ vision of independently building handpans. Bruce then connected the team to David Parkin, Tzevaot’s highly skilled tuner to this day.

After performing extensive research on where to get the best deal, Teddy contacted PANArt to work in collaboration with Tzevaot. Tzevaot offered PANArt a royalty to purchase their model; but, at the time the company was not interested in the deal. While working with David Parkin, the company reached out to other tuners to accomplish a greater workflow, only to realize that one simply can’t mass-produce this musical instrument. Father and son even traveled to Israel in search of the highest quality tuners, meeting with a tuner in Los Angeles as well.

In an effort to raise additional funds to purely focus on the craft of developing the highest quality instrument, Teddy and Elias created a Kickstarter account, where they encountered an auxiliary tuner who, in collaboration with Elias and Teddy, created a prototype of the handpan. A short video was then filmed in his shop showcasing the instrument to an audience online. Shortly thereafter, a fan visited the shop and was misled when the tuner said the instrument was solely his prototype, not belonging to Teddy or Elias. Devastated by the tuner’s betrayal, the Amkies set out to create a unique model specific to the needs of handpan enthusiasts everywhere. What originated was the Tzevaot handpan, now available to all, with absolutely no waiting list.

The Amkies continued to work to develop the handpan in collaboration with lead metal tuner David Parkin, who has practiced the art of tuning metal for over 20 years. With deep drawn shells built to stay true to the original model at PANArt, these handpans achieve the magical sound first created at PANArt.

After three years of intensive research and forming key partnerships, Tzevaot was formed in 2010. Today, Tzevaot handpan distinguishes itself by producing top quality instruments with the production rate increasing regularly, since selling their first handpan on Ebay.

Fine-tuning the process, with a rigorous attention to detail, Tzevaot handpan is the only “No Waiting List” hand pan manufacturer in the USA. In March of 2014, PANArt extended a hand of gratitude offering their best wishes to Tzevaot. (Licensed and Made According to Patented PANArt Method. PANArt is the original maker and creator of the Hang®. Hang® is the official trademark of PANArt.) By using the right tools to make the exact correct creation, our tuner understands how to repeat the process in an efficient manner, which ensures the highest quality of production at the greatest quantity to fulfill our vision of reaching a broad audience. Read here for more details on How We Can Have No Waiting List. In 2015, Tzevaot presented at NAMM, increasing production, becoming able to fulfill wholesale requests. Tzevaot handpan attended NAMM 2016.

Some people who work in the handpan community do not provide an email address because of the secrecy shrouding the community of handpans. This rarity factor ensures the scarcity of the instrument, limiting its availability to eager parties. At Tzevaot, we want people to be able to find us. Something new and beautiful will be born. You encourage greater artistic output when you connect with the right people.

We pride ourselves on having a strong team, working around the clock to bring you the absolute best in sound quality and musical experience. With a fully active phone line, anyone can call with any handpan questions from 9am-5pm PST to get a response to your email (typically) within 24 hours. If you are outside the USA, a Skype or WhatsApp call can be schedule by sending us an email at info@tzevaot.com.

We have launched www.handpan.com to be the new hub of where people will go to buy a handpan. We are growing the way we connect with the community by having handpan ambassadors all over the world from Mexico to Morocco and everywhere in between. We continue to work with countless artists to take their visions and dreams and help them turn them it into a reality. As a result of the prosperity of the endeavor, our charitable efforts go toward causes like Children with Autism.

Tzevaot Ambassadors all over the world encourage people to come by and play wherever they are. From festivals to private playing sessions and group gatherings, we’re constantly expanding and finding ways to connect even more. We like to help artists acquire gigs through social media such as our Facebook page.

If you’re ready to come take a look at some of our true, high quality hand pans, head over to our Order page to learn more about the Tzevaot handpan; how to purchase one; and what you need to know about care, storage, and enjoyment of your new hand pan. We look forward to working with you as you begin to enjoy your new hand pan.