Handpan is a term for a musical instrument from a growing interest in the Hang®.

handpanHang® is the official trademark of PANArt. Our Handpan it’s a unique sound sculpture inspired by the Hang®. Every Tzevaot handpan is hand crafted with thousands of hammer strikes and each Tzevaot we make it’s unique and harmonically perfect creating a sound vessel where you can transcend space and time. Each handpan is made with steel and is nitrided to protect against rust and also to achieve the best possible sound and resonance. Every Tzevaot has it’s very own serial number and they are tune to perfection. Our tuner, David Parkin has been tuning every Tzevaot since the company started in 2012. He has over 20 years experience tuning steel drums. Tezevaot has shipped instruments all around the world. Musicians and new players contact us every day to find out more information about our handpan and to purchase one. Everyone it’s invited to come and play with our instruments. The co-founders are Elias Amkie and Teddy Amkie, they are always looking on how to improve the sound and the quality. In March of 2014, Panart extends a hand of gratitude offering their best wishes to Tzevaot. Source: http://www.hang.ch/en/news/category/licensees. Tzevaot is being sold in major retailers domestic and worldwide. And we are always available if you contact us. We are located in Los Angeles, California.